Color Considerations

Lumpy Color Spaces I read these blogs a few days ago and then gave them a few days to see what floated up throughout the next »

Reading #4

Interpretation and its Discontents I was struck in this reading by how the nature of our interpretive capabilities as human beings can often lead us astray. »

Reading #3

Interface and Interpretation Throughout these last sections, Drucker is urging us to redefine our methods and approaches towards the web and new interfaces. She pushes us »

Reading # 2

Interpreting Visualization :: Visualizing Interpretation In this chapter, Drucker lays out the core of her argument in this book: That all forms of data representation/visualization are »

Reading #1

Reading 1 Assignment Part I: Brief explaination of G. Spencer Brown's "Laws of Form" Part II: Outline of Drucker's argument in "Image, Interpretation, and Interface" Selected »


dendrogram: a stacked tree shown connected to points, where the height of the branches show an additional variable. Often used to depict the strength of clustering »