AntiSublime Ideal In New Media

Visualization & Mapping In this first section, Manovich describes dynamic data visualization as one of several new cultural forms enabled by computing. He argues that the »

Software Takes Command

In this opening Introduction , Manovich attempts to uncover a kind of phenomenon that is simultaneously everywhere and hidden. I can understand his larger point, that while »

Subtleties of Color

Robert Simmon’s blog posting series / video “Subtleties of Color” presents a compact overview of the most important considerations when using color. He suggest sthat in »

Readings on "Bad Graphs"

Readings Misleading Axes on Graphs The points made in this article are already well known to me. I can appreciate the section on multiple axes on »

Graphesis, Final Chapters

Interface & Interpretation: In this section, Drucker takes the reader on a historical tour of interface. Drucker, staying on theme in the book, seems to lament »

Graphesis, Second Chapter Summary

Chapter 2: Interpreting Visualization, Visualizing Interpretation This chapter is a long tour through through several histories of information graphics. It begins with a tour through different »

Graphesis, First Chapter Summary

In the overview and first chapter of Graphesis, Johanna Drucker defines her title subject as "the study of visual production of knowledge." She describes this as »

Tree Maps

A tree map shows a hierarchy, and shows both categorical data and quantitative values as parts of a whole. The two main uses of a tree »