Software Studies

This was quite an intriguing read for me. I enjoy every perspective distinguishing media studies as a technologically-supported artistic craft of its own distinct nature and »


Reading and watching Robert Simmons, I was struck by the scientific study of color and the rich discoveries that are available to us to make use »

Profiles in Badness

Impressions The readings on Profiles in Badness initially caused some anxiety around how easy it may be for designers to create misleading graphs. However, upon closer »

"Interface as Provocation"

In the Final Analysis Johanna Drucker's focus on scholarly applications new visual forms is apparent as she winds down Graphesis in Interface and Interpretation and Designing »

Interpreting Visualization

"We make the world by structuring our experience of it" (74). - Joanna Drucker, Graphesis (Interpreting Visualization: Visualizing Interpretation) Druckers' chapter on Interpreting Visualization: Visualizing Interpretation »