'The Anti Sublime' Response

Manovich dedicates a section of his essay on The Anti Sublime to the concept of 'meta-media' - artefacts of older media, adapted and transformed into distinctly »

Subtleties of Colour Response

The emphasis Simmon places on neurological/cognitive bases within colour theory seems to strike a fairly universal tone for the construction of any system built across »

Bad Data Essays-R4

The breakdown of visual data forms in the Healy chapter are introduced by an affirmation of data visualisation's fundamental value in the overall data science pipeline: »

Graphesis - Response #2

Dr. Drucker's early comments on the visualisation and subsequent interpretation of temporality strike me as primarily rooted in a phenomenological account of the relevant ontology and »

Graphesis- Response 1

The predominant concern of this first chapter in Dr. Drucker’s work is an inquiry into a potential formalisation of the manifold techniques, concepts, and elements »