In "The Anti-Sublime Ideal in New Media" Manovich wastes no time in building the foundation of his argument. A key distinction is that between data visualization »


In the introduction to "Software Takes Command" Manovich constructs the argument that over the past several decades a variety of media which at one time occupied »


In this week's reading the topic is a quick primer on color theory. All the content is premised on a truism introduced at the beginning of »


The three readings for this week all come more or less under the rubric of "best practice". While it could be said that all three share »


This, the last chapter of Drucker's book, focuses primarily on the elementary properties and propositions of graphical user interfaces. This is contextualized in a cross disciplinary »


The preamble for this chapter starts off with a much-needed (and welcomed) clarification of terms followed by a survey format similar to the last. Drucker wastes »


Square Matrix Description: Any two dimensional set of numbers, colors, intensities, sized dots, or other glyphs. Data Types: Nominal, ordinal and interval-ratio types are all good »