Software Takes Command

This introduction discusses the permeating presence of software in our society today, stressing that, as a result of this presence, modern culture cannot be understood without »

Simmon Readings

This series of blog posts discusses, in the context of effectively visualizing data, certain aspects of color theory and patterns in the way humans perceive color. »

Profiles in Badness

The three texts we read for today all discuss the process of creating visuals to communicate quantitative information effectively and, more specifically, accurately. The first, a »

Drucker -- Chapters Three and Four

In the first of these chapters, Drucker extends the ideas she developed in discussing static information visualizations to the theory of web interfaces and user interfaces »

Drucker -- Chapter Two

In this chapter, Drucker builds on a selection of ideas she presented in her Introduction and Chapter One. She begins the Introduction by comparing two images, »

Drucker -- Chapter One

In this first chapter, Drucker provides a survey that demonstrates the evolution and emergence of graphics as a means of communicating, representing, and producing information. Doing »