Software Takes Command

What was interesting about this reading was that it was written a while back but still very relatable to the present time. “[S]oftware has become »

Subtleties of Color

In this week's reading was more into the field I have been learning about for the past 7 years. However, this topic focused more on the »

Many Readings

Unlike previous weeks, this reading had multiple sources that more or less communicate the same message. It is a message that has been embedded in my »

Chapter Three + Four

Interface and Interpretation Any interface disciplines, constrains, and determines what can be done in any digital environment. Creating a continuum between electronic and print formats and »

Graphesis; Chapter Two

This extensive chapter looks at the history of specific types of graphs and charts can explain to us how they function and organize the data at »

Graphesis; Chapter One

Write-up With this introductory section of the book, Drucker aims to clearly layout the chronological development of an image to an interpretation and then to an »

Chernoff Faces

Visualization Type Values The main purpose of Chernoff Faces is to display multiple variables at once each dictating a part on the human face (ears, hair, »