Software Studies

This was quite an intriguing read for me. I enjoy every perspective distinguishing media studies as a technologically-supported artistic craft of its own distinct nature and evolution.

A couple questions right after reading the introduction I had were:
• What did he mean in the passage referencing "meta-mediums?"
• Along with the comment regarding "casual" vs. "pro" version of media software walking a thin line, how do software studies see (if any) a hierarchy of media quality, even introducing democratization of media along with perhaps given criteria of aesthetics, accuracy?
• What does a proliferation of half-finished beta works do for the general information consciousness of the WWW we draw from?

Overall, I thought the focus on the combinatory nature of media development catalyzed by software - from authorship, editing, sharing and distribution - articulated quite well the phenomenon we are riding as a society I often take for granted.

It truly is amazing how the business of information, manifested through Google's primary mission, has catapulted to the foremost of valued production in our society.