Subtleties of Color

The reading for this week gave us the opportunity to reflect on the the importance of the usage of color and the relation it has for depicting data.

With the help of multiple examples, Simmon pays special attention to the differences between the way our computers render colors and the way we perceive them. He argues that our perception is more relatable to the properties of lightness, hue and saturation, while keeping in mind at all times that a correct use of color "enhances clarity, aids storytelling, and draws a viewer into your dataset".

The author invites and encourages us to be conscious about our limitations to perceive color and, apart from the need to have a palette where colors are as different from each other as possible, Simmon emphasizes that we should limit the categories to 12 -although I personally think that this is a very high number.

The final general "rule" is to maintain a continuity of associations we already have with certain objects and their colors.

The main conclusion for this reading is to not complicate patterns and pre existing associations while keeping in mind that "there is no perfectly objective view of color".