Final Project

Writing a Project Proposal The goal of the final project is to bring the conceptual dimension of the class together with the visualization techniques we’ve »

Exercise 4

Mapping Space Preliminaries We’ll be using the leaflet.js library to add a geospatial component to your prior work on visualizing the USGS earthquake feed »

Exercise 3

Textual and Qualitative Data: A Festival Schedule (DOM + CSS) Preliminaries Install Homebrew as a means to installing node.js on your system. After installing Homebrew, you »

Exercise 2

Mapping Quantities, Categories, and Summarized Data Preliminaries Pull the most recent changes into your clone or fork of For this assignment, »

Exercise 1

Mapping Time Preliminaries Gather all the necessary software and files to get started: The Sublime Text 3 editor The GitHub Desktop GUI client Clone a copy »