Manovich sees data visualization as a subset of mapping and visualization as quantified data that is not visual into a visual representation. The most sense we »


Robert Simmon, Subtleties of Color Solving the problem of representing numbers with color, Simmon theorizes, is one that can be achieved with basic principles of color »

on badness

Problems typically encountered with data likely fall into three categories: aesthetic, substantive and perceptual. Since every individual brings the lens of their own life to every »


What is interface? "Interface is a mediating structure that supports behaviors and tasks." "It is a space between human users." "An interface is a space in »

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On Interpreting visualization, notes: Representational versus knowledge generating and the ways in which calculations and dynamic information create new relationship and thus new interpretations as opposed »

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Drucker's comprehensive introduction to the theories and formal design systems through history showcased the driving forces of universality, principles of composition, and industry need as primary »

line graph

line graph: a series of points connected by lines also known as a line chart: A line graph is a type of chart used to visualize »