Reading 7

Perhaps it was my loose grasp of the underlying fundamentals of Romanticism but I found Manovich wanting to have his cake and to eat it too. »

Reading 6

A lot of interesting points surrounding media authorship through software brought up by the author. One that I've long thought about is the consolidation of media »

Reading 5

Pretty interesting blog post, reminds me of how much we take for truth simply as it's presented to us. As with the studies in our poor »

Reading 4

Interesting to read how the Monstrous Costs graph was easily recognized and remembered. Makes me think back to the example of facial characteristics being used to »

Chapter 3, 4 & Afterword

I had a very difficult time gleaming much usable information from this last chapter. Drucker walks us through the origin and current state of Human Computer »

Graphesis: 2nd Chapter

I was very excited by the last two sections of the chapter discussing the constructed nature of data and thereby it's visualizations. In my mind the »

Front Matter + First Chapter

It is interesting to continue to circle the objectivity/subjectivity of a graphics meaning. "Most information visuals are acts of interpretations masquerading as presentation." This highlights »